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ORDINARY EFFICIENCY Part I Are you efficient enough in tactics and strategy in ordinary Type III structure fires? Guest Columnist: Captain Joe Pronesti   NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 2013 data reports that approximately 387,000 structure fires took place in residential structures compared to 98,000 in structured categorized as apartments and 17,500 in apartments what […]

8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership (Part 3)

In part 3 of the 8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership we explore empathy. “Empathy”.  This is one attitude that many people struggle with.  However it is critical that we master the passion to empathize with others as this is a critical building block for servant leadership. Servants Have Genuine Empathy “Servant leaders should have bowels […]


This series will provide eight essential attitudes every leader needs. These eight concepts are attributed to Pastor Tim Gill with Advancing Ministries. I have utilized the concepts from his blog and metamorphosized them into the fire service realm. Our first essential attitude is expressing encouragement as a leader. Servant Fire Officers Express Encouragement – “There […]


True leadership begins with serving. No role, position, job, task or calling of leadership in Emergency Services can be effective unless there is first a willingness to serve by the individual. Many want successful positions, ranks and roles in leadership, but not everyone wants to serve. Proper serving in leadership begins with a proper attitude. […]

Congratulations, in 2015 you will be promoted to a Command Level Officer…MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!

Congratulations, in 2015 you will be promoted to a Command Level Officer…MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Captain Joe Pronesti Guest Columnist TheFireOfficer.com It’s a new year and in many fire departments across America large or small, paid, part-paid and volunteer, members of our service will be retiring from positions of command and new faces will be taking […]


RANDOM THOUGHTS ON PROMOTION Chief Warren Cersley Guest Columnist TheFireOfficer.com     The teletypes would start to click and in all fire houses across the city and the watch person would announce that the results of the written portion of the promotional process had come out. Interested members would move to the desk to see […]

Shiners, Whiners and Recliners: Profiling Today’s Fire Service

Shiners, Whiners and Recliners: Profiling Today’s Fire Service The Chief’s Trumpet Chief Doug Cline I have heard a lot of analogies over my career about the fire service like “You can peal one fire department name off the wall and replace it with another one and it would be the same” and “it is the […]

Welcome to the NEW TheFireOfficer.com

TheFireOfficer.com The well-established and highly praised The CompanyOfficer.com has evolved and rebranded as TheFireOfficer.com (TFO) with a broader based focus on the practicing or emerging fire officer.  Recognizing the need to expand the sphere of influence and at the same time provide more diversity as alignment and branding, TheFireOfficer.com has been designed to address active, […]

Taking it to the Streets: Your Street on any given Day

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  Taking it to the Streets: Your Street on any given Day At times, our surroundings become a blur and fade into the fabric that defines our response district, our first-due, our neighborhood, community, city or town. We tend to focus on thos…e areas that have an immediacy or frequency that defines day-to –day operations, […]

Taking it to the Streets: Vacant, unoccupied, abandoned

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What at the Projected Operational Risks? Do they Matter? Photo:CJ Naum, 2013 Taking it to the Streets Vacant, unoccupied, abandoned and derelict buildings continue to challenge emergency response companies at incidents. It’s the buildings of Heritage ““ masonry construction with Heavy Timber, Mill, Semi-Mill or Ordinary Construction systems of three to six to eight story […]

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