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Leadership Credibility: Do you have it?

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Credibility refers to the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source. In the modern fire service credibility has two critical components that cannot be really faked; trustworthiness and expertise. Both of these are easily faked for a short period of time but they become transparent if you are faking them. Leadership credibility […]

Fire and Training Show

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Join host Chief Doug Cline from the on the Fire Engineering’s Fire and Training Show.  You will not want to miss this dynamic show as we look at Rebooting Old School Principle for Today’s Demanding Fire Service.  Joining Chief Cline will be his esteemed colleague Chief Chris Naum from  Tune in 7:30pm on […]

The Dynamics of Leadership

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Over my 36 years of being involved in he fire service I have come to realize that leadership is much more than just a position. In fact leadership is a process that really has nothing to do with a position or rank but about a true desire to see others excel. For many years we […]

ESCAPe 2016 Conference

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            Join Chiefs Bobby Halton, Doug Cline and Chris Naum at the 2016 ESCAPe Conference February 24-28, 2016 at Pipestem State Park.  You will not want to miss these dynamic presentations and training.

Viking Ship Rowing or Row Boat Tug-a-War

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For so long now I have struggled with the issue that I hear so often as I converse with firefighters and fire officers from across the nation. That concept or issue is a profound struggle between the leadership and the troops of organizations. As it is frequently described is that we are working profoundly against […]

Inaugural Chief Dan and Coach Kelly Column

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Hello readers and followers! This is a new addition to the website that will focus on the leadership skills, knowledge and abilities that every fire officer; old or new, experienced or rookie, company officer or chief officer must have to be successful. This column will appear with some regularity and will share with you […]

The Dynamics of Leadership: “Principles, Values and Skills” – Loyalty

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It has been said that we influence a number of people in our lifetime. Your circle of influence depends upon you as individuals and the area you may be in. It could depend upon the organization, rank structure, personal boldness or even other peoples’ willingness to be influenced. So with so many dimensions why is […]

Fire and Training Blog Talk Radio

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            Please join the fire’s own Doug Cline on  Wednesday evening September 16, 2015 for another edition of Fire and Training on Fire Engineering Blog talk Radio.  Joining host Doug Cline will be two well know women in the fire service and Fire Engineerings own Lt. Angela Hughes, President […]

An Officer who Made a Difference: Remembrance

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Captain Patrick “Paddy” Brown, FDNY Remembrance, One of Many Stories: One of the 343… On September 11, 2001, Captain Patrick Brown and eleven men from FDNY Ladder 3 responded to the attacks at the World Trade Center. His firehouse, Ladder 3, is located in very close proximity to the Twin Towers so his was one […]

A Unique look at one Fire Service Attitude – Pole Vaulting over Mouse Pooh

            Listen in on some thoughts as Chief Doug Cline explores some of the attitudes that are presenting themselves in the fire service world today.  

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