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Try to be Better than Yourself…

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2016-Strive to be a better Leader, Fire Officer, Firefighter, Instructor, Mentor, Role Model, Senior or Junior “guy|gal”, “Brother”, Friend, Person….Human; Be accountable, become engaged, be responsible and better yourself in your varied roles and responsibilities towards those you love and care for. You have nothing but blank pages to fill in your book of life […]

Mentoring ““ An Essential Leadership Skill

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Chief Dan Jones – Early in my Fire Service career I was taken under the wing of a couple of older and more experienced firefighters who spent lots of time with me, sharing stories, talking about fire department careers and reinforcing lessons about how best to do the job and succeed. I remember sitting in […]

We the Fire Service…

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We the Fire Service… We the Fire Service have a debt of gratitude. One generation shall praise your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. I know that as a fire service member I have a large debt of gratitude to many people who have paved the way for me and others like […]

Fire and Training Blog Talk Radio

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            Please join the fire’s own Doug Cline on  Wednesday evening September 16, 2015 for another edition of Fire and Training on Fire Engineering Blog talk Radio.  Joining host Doug Cline will be two well know women in the fire service and Fire Engineerings own Lt. Angela Hughes, President […]

Shaping the Future; “Creating Leaders in our Youth” Part I

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As we quickly approach a time when much of the fire service leadership will be retiring we are destine to face the loss of great leadership in the fire service. This could prove to be a tragedy for our profession or we can make it a positive bench mark. A lot is going to depend […]

Mentoring Moment on Communications

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Communication always seems to be a root topic when it comes to leadership.  Whether it is lack of communications, no communications, over communicating or having tough communications the situation exists that communications is a critical factor.  When you are mentoring an individual you periodically need to have very forward and frank conversations with the individual […]

The Inaugural Mentor Moment

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As a fire and emergency services leader it is your responsibility to be a mentor.  In an effort to enhance the mentoring of fire officers we are launching this new on going series called “Mentor Moment”. As a leader you are obligated to being a mentor.  As a leadership mentor, it is your responsibility to […]

Learn as if you were to live forever: Live as if you were to die tomorrow

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A few years ago I posted an article on The (now entitled: Your Capabilities and Future Success. It was about the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. Coach Wooden passed away at the age of 99 on June 4, 2010, but his legacy has extended well beyond. Aside from his extraordinary career accomplishments on […]

Live the Fire Service

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As an officer you have an obligation to the organization.  What are you going to do with the balance of your time in the fire service?  It is important that you live that time having maximum impact in a positive manner.  It is important that you “Live”!  Here is a few tips that use the […]

Welcome to the NEW The well-established and highly praised The has evolved and rebranded as (TFO) with a broader based focus on the practicing or emerging fire officer.  Recognizing the need to expand the sphere of influence and at the same time provide more diversity as alignment and branding, has been designed to address active, […]

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