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Unlocking Organizational Potential through Servant Leadership

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As a servant leader you should constantly be focused on making the organization better. There is no better way than to tap into the organization’s most valued resource, the people within. By investing in these people, they will give the organization a substantial return. The most important component in the investment is the leadership you […]

Is Your Relationship with the Organization Status Quo?

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As I reflect back over the years in my career there is one lesson I remember that resinates from my mentors, “If you put the organization first, then your wants and ambitions will soon follow. But it is always about the orgainization first, your suborindates second and you are last.” Well I have to often […]

Viking Ship Rowing or Row Boat Tug-a-War

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For so long now I have struggled with the issue that I hear so often as I converse with firefighters and fire officers from across the nation. That concept or issue is a profound struggle between the leadership and the troops of organizations. As it is frequently described is that we are working profoundly against […]

Try to be Better than Yourself…

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2016-Strive to be a better Leader, Fire Officer, Firefighter, Instructor, Mentor, Role Model, Senior or Junior “guy|gal”, “Brother”, Friend, Person….Human; Be accountable, become engaged, be responsible and better yourself in your varied roles and responsibilities towards those you love and care for. You have nothing but blank pages to fill in your book of life […]

The Dynamics of Leadership: “Principles, Values and Skills” – Loyalty

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It has been said that we influence a number of people in our lifetime. Your circle of influence depends upon you as individuals and the area you may be in. It could depend upon the organization, rank structure, personal boldness or even other peoples’ willingness to be influenced. So with so many dimensions why is […]

An Officer who Made a Difference: Remembrance

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Captain Patrick “Paddy” Brown, FDNY Remembrance, One of Many Stories: One of the 343… On September 11, 2001, Captain Patrick Brown and eleven men from FDNY Ladder 3 responded to the attacks at the World Trade Center. His firehouse, Ladder 3, is located in very close proximity to the Twin Towers so his was one […]

Shaping the Future “Creating Leaders in our Youth” Part III

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Knowledge is Power… Share It !!! This statement is often used by many including myself. So what does it truly mean? It means that you will freely give of your knowledge and wisdom to others withholding nothing. It never fails, I will see a leader of an organization trying to hold information and knowledge from […]

Shaping the Future “Creating Leaders in our Youth” Part II

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In Doug Cline’s previous posting: Shaping the Future “Creating Leaders in our Youth”  Part I he ended the with a question, “So officers are you shaping the fire service’s future?” Here’s his latest installment. I hope this prompted fire officers to intra-inspect themselves to see if they were shaping the fire service’s future. I further hope this generated […]

Two Dates and a Dash in the Middle…What are you going to do with the “Dash?”

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   Two dates and a dash in the middle…that equates to your day of birth, your life and your day of death. The middle component is symbolized by a dash (-). So what does that dash mean? Well let’s be honest it divides the dates on the gravestone and it is symbolic of your time […]

Building the Foundation of a Winning Team

As America’s fire service witnesses the retirements of the baby boomers, it is critical that fire service leadership continues to build solid winning teams. It is important that we drill into the heart of what it takes to create a winning team in an evolving fire service. The foundation of the future modern fire service […]

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