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Chief Christopher Naum and Chief Douglas Cline

Chief Christopher Naum and Chief Douglas Cline


Executive Producers:

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE and Douglas Cline, BSW

Christopher J. Naum and Douglas Cline collectively bring over eighty five years of comprehensive fire service leadership and operational experience within the areas of field operations, training, command and management.

Both are nationally and internationally recognized fire service leaders, having achieved highly rewarding and prolific fire service careers with significant achievements and successes rooted in the rich traditions of the fire service and firefighting, but tempered and extended by visionary thinking, leadership and borne on the principled foundation of operational excellence, firefighter safety, survival, training and development.

Having had the profound opportunity and honor to learn and develop from so many prominent fire service leaders and mentors over the past forty years, they now find themselves in the position to give back to the fire service and serve the needs of the current and future generations of fire service officers, commanders and leaders.

Through their collective writings, lectures, seminars and training presentations, on-going research and development and contributions through TheFireOfficer.com they endeavor to continue the proud heritage and tradition of the Fire Service through their contributions of training, awareness, education, skills development, leadership, knowledge, enlightenment, research, insights and sharing.


You can find their Biographical Profiles under each of their independent headings.

Doug Cline

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Christopher J. Naum, SFPE

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