Available through Fire Engineering Books and Videos “8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership” on DVD

8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership on DVD is now available thanks to Fire Engneering Books and Videos!

True leadership begins with serving. No role, position, job, task or calling of leadership in emergency services can be effective unless there is first a willingness to serve by the individual. Many want successful positions, ranks and roles in leadership, but not everyone wants to serve. Proper serving in leadership begins with a proper attitude.

History’s greatest achievements have been made by individuals who excelled only slightly over the masses of other individuals in their respective fields. I am reminded of this when I study athletes. Most have significant levels of talent. The same is true for the fire service. Most of our personnel have strong predicated skills, abilities and knowledge. So what puts the people excelling in front of the others? Most times that small difference is attitude.

The 8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership DVD will take an indepth look at what attitude is and means to leadership, as well as, digging deep into what the “8 Attiudes of Servant Leadership” truly means and how to accomplish being a servant leader.

The 8 Attitudes of Servant Leadership is available to be presented in a formal interactive forum where dynamic discussion and education can occur to educated current and future leaders of your organization.  Contact Chief Cline (dcline11@sccoast.net or 919-730-7434)  to schedule your program today.