When Opportunity Presents

imageWhat you give others as a mentor, a public servant and as a friend costs you NOTHING. So why are we so reluctant to give freely? This is a major problem that we are facing in today’s fire service. We are not paying it forward. Our mentoring of the next generation is at best in many cases minimal.  Succession plans are not a in our thoughts or strategic plans.  The results of these actions or lack there of, arecatastrophic to our future. In order to influence people “You must take your turn” as a mentor, coach, leader, and as an officer it is your duty!

Developing the next generation of leaders is critical for tomorrow’s fire service. We are at the time period that we are loosing the baby boomers in our business who lived through America Burning. We are loosing so much experience and wisdom that it has the potential to truly devastate the future.  We must capture that knowledge and experience.  We must begin sharing and passing down the wisdom that our heritage has taught us through the school of hard knocks, research and trial /error.

There are designated opportunities that you are not allowed to say “pass” as an officer. You have a “Turn” every time you have an opportunity to choose….choose to mentor, to leader, influence, teach or not… Choose to be a leader… This is Your power of one!

Join me at FDIC 2016 on Thursday at 1:30 pm in room 207/207 as we explore Developing the Next Generation of Fire Service Leaders!