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National Safety Culture Change Initiative

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National Safety Culture Change Initiative: Study of Behavioral Motivation on Reduction of Risk-Taking Behaviors in the Fire and Emergency Service Developed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs through a partnership with the U.S. Fire Administration {Excerpts} Controlling and extinguishing hostile fire comes at a great cost to human life and secondarily at great financial […]

Fire and Training on Fire Engineering Blogtalk Radio

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              Join me tonight(Wednesday December 16, 2015) at 7:30pm on the Fire and Training show hosted by Fire Engineering’s Blogtalk Radio as we explore the topic of Growing Leaders.  I will be joined by great mentors and coaches that will provide  dynamic  dialogue and knowledge on this topic.

Mentoring ““ An Essential Leadership Skill

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Chief Dan Jones – Early in my Fire Service career I was taken under the wing of a couple of older and more experienced firefighters who spent lots of time with me, sharing stories, talking about fire department careers and reinforcing lessons about how best to do the job and succeed. I remember sitting in […]