Mentoring Moment on Communications

IMG_0436Communication always seems to be a root topic when it comes to leadership.  Whether it is lack of communications, no communications, over communicating or having tough communications the situation exists that communications is a critical factor.  When you are mentoring an individual you periodically need to have very forward and frank conversations with the individual you are mentoring.  Take time to explain in detail how they are doing  In doing this you must provide very specific examples to illustrate your point of view.  Remember it is paramount that you remain objective rather than subjective.  Avoid doing a comparison between two individuals when looking at potential performance.  Once you provide this feed back it is time to put on your work clothes and start assisting the individual.

To assist an individual you must help them grow by teaching and coaching.  One great way is to give assignments or provide opportunities for people to work on a project.  This will help them closes gaps they may have but remember you have to coach along the way.  This effort will help them with initiative and grow to become more responsible and capable.

Critical factor in all of this is the constant positive communications. This will help build confidence.  Additionally you have to hold them accountable to continue to grow.  Meeting and reviewing performance and growth periodically will provide accountability and track growth.

Remember as an officer you are a mentor.  Put forth the extra effort to be a positive mentor.