The Inaugural Mentor Moment

As a fire and emergency services leader it is your responsibility to be a mentor.  In an

Chief Bobby Halton

Chief Bobby Halton

effort to enhance the mentoring of fire officers we are launching this new on going series called “Mentor Moment”.

As a leader you are obligated to being a mentor.  As a leadership mentor, it is your responsibility to constantly assess how well your personnel, especially officers, are handling the business of the organization, relationships and developing personnel.  some of these officers may not be super strong in their abilities to interact with others in the organization.  Their inter-personal dynamic skills are critical to their effectiveness in leadership.  If these officers are not connected to the people beside them, below them and above them in the organization, they will struggle in leading and mentoring them.

As the leader and mentor you should be focused intensely on making this a priority in your efforts.  Your ability to help them enhance these skills and traits is paramount in the development of great leaders and excellent organizations.  Make it a priority to coach them and help them enhance these skills which will help make the connections with the puzzle pieces.