Welcome to the NEW TheFireOfficer.com


The well-established and highly praised The CompanyOfficer.com has evolved and rebranded as TheFireOfficer.com (TFO) with a broader based focus on the practicing or emerging fire officer.  Recognizing the need to expand the sphere of influence and at the same time provide more diversity as alignment and branding, TheFireOfficer.com has been designed to address active, emerging, experienced and future Fire Officers in a number of defined domain areas that include, Leadership, Operations, The Modern Fire Attack and Professional Development.

The mission of TheFireOfficer.com is to provide quality insights on Leadership, Knowledge and Training for Today’s Fire Service- and preparing tomorrow’s fire service leaders, commanders and visionaries. TFO




TheFireOfficer.com site has been fully retooled and redesigned to provide a focused streaming of information and insights with a dedicated menu of domains found in our menu ribbon and improved navigation and integration of features and links that will support a multi-dimensional platform of offerings that have been designed to support unified alignment with other support media found on PennWell’s FireEngineering.com, FireFighterNation.com, FireRescue Magazine online, the entire family of FE, FFN and FRM’s social media links on Facebook and twitter  as well as direct feeds and links to Buildingsonfire.com series that also include Buildingsonfire on Facebook and our connections on Twitter and Google+  and a wealth of other mission critical resource pages, sites and portals. 4-9-2010 9-55-00 AM


Our postings, concentration and focus providing timely, insightful and useful information for the Fire Officer will keep you abreast of latest information to support your roles, responsibilities and requirements as you prepare for or have transitioned into the supervisory company, station or command roles as a Sargent, Lieutenant, Captain, Shift or Crew Leader, Commander, District or Battalion Chief or Section Chief.









TheFireOfficer.com’s primary domains include; Leadership, Operations, The Modern Fire Attack and Professional Development. Concentrations within each will include the following;   Leadership

  • Fireground Leadership
  • Transitional Leadership
  • The Battalion Chief
  • The Company Officer
  • The Fire Instructor


  • Operational Excellence
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Tactical Discipline
  • Risk & Safety Management
  • Ten Minutes in the Streets

The Modern Fire Attack

  • Building Construction
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Fire Engagement, Strategy & Tactics
  • The First-Due
  • A View from the Street

Professional Development

  • Training
  • Skill Development
  • Advanced Education
  • Simulations
  • Research Hub

We plan to provide you with useful multimedia downloads in the form of informational and training PDFs. PPT, media audio and visual files and much, much more. Exclusive features, interactive postings and activities as well as cross platform offerings that take you from the blog, to the web to Facebook and back will be integrated to provide a rich learning and informational experience. 6-20-2011 8-29-31 PM Taking it to the Streets radio will return on our sister site, FireGroundLeadership.com with a stellar cast of guests, insightful, provoking and timely topical issues addressing local, regional, national and international fire service and professional issues along a wide spectrum of subject areas. Look for expanded live and download video offerings, evening Google Hangout programming and the return with expanded interactive opportunities of the Ten Minutes in the Street scenarios and simulations.

We will integrate and expand on the variety of eMedia applications, technologies and capabilities that will have value added uses.   We will strive to make TheFireOfficer.com site a beneficial and worthwhile for accurate and timely information, insights, services and resources, that coupled with the reach and depth that PennWell’s highly acclaimed series of print and eMedia services found within FireEngineering.com, FireFighterNation.com, FireRescue Magazine online and their network of social media platforms that TheFireOfficer.com  (TFO) will integrate, align and support.   The Fire Officer has profound responsibilities and requirements: we will strive to support your needs to excel in your positions, roles and responsibilities and support your career, affiliation and membership in your respective departments, organizations and agencies.



We will provide an overview in another post of our Guest Columnists who will periodically share insights with you on a variety of topics, subjects and focus areas.

Look for their names under our banner on the menu bar, with a few more to be added in the upcoming weeks. Learn & Lead

We look forward to your continued support, readership and advocacy. We have a lot more to roll-out and a lot more to populate within the spaces of the site in the weeks and months ahead. We look forward to providing you with a beneficial and valuable site and information and experience.