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What is a Seat Belt: (in case you didn’t know) HERE

How Seat Belts Works: (in case you still didn’t know), HERE

Do You Have The Courage To Take The Seat Belt Pledge? HERE, HERE

Leadership: We Killed Firefighter Brian Hunton, HERE

NFFF/EGH: NIOSH Supports Seat Belt Use by Firefighters Resources, HERE

How Can my Department Take the Seatbelt Pledge? Click Here to Download the Pledge Form
» See Which Departments Have Taken the Pledge and Are 100% Compliant

Eddie’s Story
» Watch: Eddie’s Story
» Download: Eddie’s Story (ZIP)
» Print: Card to Make You Think About Your Seat Belt Use

Related Video:
» Watch: All of the Seat Belt Safety PSAs Watch the Video

» Denver Fire Department Video:
Watch Seat Belts & SCBAs | Download

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» Take the Seat Belt Pledge: Download Now
» Download: A Seat Belt Poster | Desktop Wallpaper

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