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The Command and Company Officer

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Company and Command Officers are crucial to the mission critical effectiveness and safety of company level operations, crew integrity and incident command management and successful mitigation. What are the key elements that set apart those that can be considered “average” officers from those that are exceptional? What key knowledge, skills, abilities and traits do they […]

The Company Officer and Leadership

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Leadership; It certainly isn’t about the number of bars or collar brass horns you have on your collar, the color of your helmet, or the “title” you have. Although there are many who would argue that point and feel that they are THE Leader specificially because they DO have the title, rank and brass. Some […]

Everything is a Possibility: Do It Anyways

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Everyone has idealisms, dreams, goals, aspirations, ideas and purpose. Everything is a Possibility, IF you strive to persevere and keep at it. Whatever the cause, need or reasons; regardless of the roadblocks, disappointment, disenchantment, frustration or regret-Dream it Anyways, Do it Anyways… You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach, and you […]